Travelling abroad for the first time or just need a refresher about the things you need to do before going away on holiday or business? Keep reading for all things you need to know to give you peace of mind whilst you’re away.

Have all of your money readyCurrency Exchange Rates

Many people take a credit card on holiday in case of emergencies, but what happens if it’s needed, yet it doesn’t work in the country you’re in? Check with your credit card provider what countries you are able to use the card in. Find out the exchange rate.

European banks have switched to chip-and-pin technology making the entire procedure more secure and safer.

If you’re going to use your debit card abroad, contact your bank before. Inform them that you’re going on holiday so they won’t cut your card off if they see a suspicious transaction in Greece, when you live in London.

The 6 month passport rule – what is true?

There are many theories about the expiration date on your passport and some think that if your passport expires within 6 months, you won’t be allowed into another country. In some cases this is true, but in others it’s not. Find out more.

In most cases, you will need 6 months validity on countries that require a visa. In other cases, you will only need a valid passport for the period of your stay, this occurs in countries such as Spain.

How are you getting to the airport?Heathrow Airport Parking

It is important that you plan how you’re going to get to the airport in advance, so you can book tickets or slots at the right time. If you leave it too late, you may run the risk of paying more money, or not having access at all.

Many people choose to drive into the airport themselves and pre-book their parking space so they can save money. It is also an easier option if you have a big family. Book your space.

Heathrow Parking can bring you the cheapest and best deals on parking at Heathrow Airport. To find a deal suitable for you, all you need to enter is your parking dates and see what appears. There will be various options to choose from, including meet & greet, park & stay and park & ride.