The children’s school holidays are all throughout the year, and often when the weather isn’t so great, it’s harder to find activities and trips to do. But, don’t let the cold weather stop you having fun as we have created a list of activities for you to try any time of year. Find your summer holiday.

Affordable fireworks that the family will enjoy

Fireworks often appear in the winter months between October and December and it is rare for us to see them during the spring and summer, but why let that stop you? Fireworks are a great way to bring the family together in cause of a celebration.

Fireworks don’t have to be expensive either, simply shop around and see what’s available, but of course only select a business that you deem reliable. Shop for your fireworks online where you can browse some of the best ranges on the internet. Click here.

Most often, firework shops that are open all year round are dedicated to supplying magical fireworks to their customers, compared to shops that only open in winter. It also means you can receive the best advice on safety precautions too. Continue reading.

Fancy being the driver of a steam train?Learn about the steam railway

Have your go at changing signals, driving an engine and even walk under a steam train at the museum of Great Western railway. This museum is located in Wiltshire and is perfect for all ages as it offers interactive activities that everybody can enjoy. Learn about the history of steam trains, how they were built and the influence of the town. Find out more.

This one’s for the creative childrenArts & crafts for children

Inspire your child’s inner artist by having them create an ‘ideas box’. This is where they design the inside of the box with tissue paper, pictures, stickers and paint and once they have finished decorating it, they can put in any objects/materials that inspire them. More information.

If they’re ever bored, have them reach into the box and pick something out, then they can create a piece of art work dedicated to that object. Contact us.